Closed Proximity Marketing – iBeacon, Wifi, Bluetooth

The ever extending boundaries of mobile network & its applications, has captured great volume of people in constant engagement. This has marked the transformation of ad-space into interesting position & we call it the “ Indoor Position “.

Marking its arrival with Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Technologies & its success in adding to data analytics system has been commendable. A lot of things can happen over the phone – right from choosing your life partner to selecting a name for your new born baby.

Market observation clearly states the traction of engagement online & its effects on available resources. Data analytics has also clearly stated the path to be taken. Indoor positioning is the latest mantra to tackle the huge population of mobile users. Closed Proximity Marketing currently runs on 3 different platforms namely Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & the latest addition to this section is Apple’s iBeacon.

Ibeacon was built in 2007 with sole purpose of defining & expanding the indoor space. With futuristic ideas embedded into the worlds most loved phone. The possibilities with ibeacon are endless. The retail sector should build on this infrastructure to develop interesting methods to cross-sell. With a infrastructure offering limitless possibilities in the engagement with users shall expand to greater horizons elevating the shopping experience among consumers. Since these applications quickly resolve the missing link with the retailers, it has been a retailer’s boon. Indoor Positioning with these techniques shall find great use cases across all sectors. They would be the most effective ways to carry out survey, recommendations & review; also deliver quality feeds into online social spectrum.

Next time, you walk into a apple store or a high-end clothing line. Don’t be surprised, if you receive “The dress you just purchased is beautiful, we suggest you check our new collection of bags up stairs “.

Or Enter Starbucks & you get a popup of menu to order from & so on….

Considering the infrastructure luxury stores behold, deployment will never be an issue.

Analytics & reporting from these campaigns support the campaigner’s logic largely. With quality insights, we hope to build a world that integrates thoughts & actions effortlessly.

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Online Advertising

Recent trend in the market has made companies to invest in the online space & has been an important move considering the huge no. of users & engagements. To understand, the services available online for commerce; it is important to get a good overview on the online space.

Let’s start from the “SEARCH ENGINE “– it is the first place for an Enquiry / Search / Get to know. The engine has been built to deliver highly effective results for any search made, it has extended its searching capabilities by integrating “ Location Based Result Generators “, “ Keyword Differentiators “, “ Suggestions “ & many more.

The engine also offers various services to promote you information to the world through keyword marketing & Ads. Understanding the algorithm of “How Search Engines Generate Results? “ Can help you promote your information effectively. This understanding has led to generation of many techniques like SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Analysis etc.

An upgrade in the search algorithms & vision of the “Search Engines – Company”, will define new rules & methods to SEO Techniques. A consistent follow up on the engine is mandatory.

Trending Social Media Platforms with impressive no. of users in engagement has taken a cousin’s place to a Search Engine. The SMP’s have also offered services for manufactures or service providers to Showcase / Promote / Engage users. Campaigns can be built on parameters like Location, Age, Interests, etc. Analytics, Market Trend, Product Feedback are services that give deeper insight to the campaign builders.

Campaign can be built for Videos, Images & Content.

IMMERSE – fully augmented

Renaissance – to the way we function. Since, the day we found ourselves our computers. The most simplistic ” Identity ” given to it, has evolved into being more than just being a computer. It has delivered the world its awesomeness & it has been everlasting.

Living in today’s time, submerged into this epic heap of amazingly resourceful technology we have built for ourselves. It seems to have drowned us into it, seamlessly. With ” UPDATING ” being a everyday thing, we have not just enhanced usability of it, it has also been greatly improvising our experiences of life day to day.

Saying so, we must relish the greatest experience technology has to offer. And when the power lies in our hands to Design, Customize & Develop for our requirements. Team BMS INNOLABS has been at consistent hunt for Innovation across all its domains. We now present to you our latest product ” IMMERSE – fully augmented “.

IMMERSE – As the name suggests ” Lets you dive into the amazing experiences our technology has to offer “. Our expertise in AR, has resulted in some great products we have to offer to the public. Beginning from ” EspeciallyU ” – A lifestyle product solely built to add an surprise to all the gifts shared around. Which made jaws drop every single time a user experienced.

Our expertise on IMMERSE – will unveil some amazing great products coming your way in due time. Currently, the team BMS Innolabs are working hard to enhance the experience of kids at School. Wonder, How it would be to see all of it in real ?. Yes ! we are working towards making an live experience at schools.

With great intentions of integrating ” IMMERSE ” into our daily lives to experience life in live, We promise to bring to you mind blowing products to add that extra ” Spice ” in to your life.

We will back & Promise to ” IMMERSE “.

Save My Soul

Thirty three thousand and seven not seven raped cases filed in india. That’s a massive increase of 10,000 cases since 2013. To add to the horror its close 92 rapes every day in INDIA & its capital DELHI at 4 everyday.

Urbanization leading to varied work styles & uneven distribution of basic needs in a country as huge as INDIA. Security & Values among individuals is scarce. To bring an end to a problem of this magnitude it requires total convergence of Organizations, Individuals & more importantly an effective way to tackle.

In this regard, BMS Trust initiated the project ” Save My Soul ” aiming to bring down the crime rates around us. BMS Innolabs – A integral part of BMS Trust took the challenge to deliver maximum security with the most innovative approach.

BMS Innolabs are happy to present to you its mobile app ” Save My Soul ” that ensures security for all categories of people. Ex : Men, Women & Children at all times.

Understanding the technical infrastructure of INDIA, we have built an application that doesn’t demand internet connection all the time it runs on your Andriod / iOS platforms. ” Save My Soul ” – is integrated with most well thought features to guarantee maximum security for people of all walks of life.

To ensure you are assisted at all lights of the time, we have installed a tracker that reports your current location to the list of people, you  are willing to share with.

Associating it with another wonderful feature, we have ” Help Me” button that immediately notifies your nominated list ” About your security being in trouble & you are requesting for help “, it also notifies the closest police station / Govt. Office that holds the responsibility.

” SCREAM ” –  this feature in our app, delivers High Volume Siren to broadcast your danger in any location you are in. A shortcut tab ” Call for Assistance ” will give instant access to all domestic assistance like Ambulance, Police Station & Fire Station.

We request humbly to ” Support our cause in building a secured society for all of us “.

Download ” Save My Soul ” mobile app for ANDRIOD / iOS.

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Airports the new place to advertise

Fueled by strategic brand partnerships and customer-centric use of technology, are airports turning into our new “third place”? In recent years, being in-transit has become, for many people, the least enjoyable part of travel. In fact, the best part of the journey for many is simply reaching their intended destination. Fortunately, many airports are busy figuring out how to make the customer experience more efficient, relevant, and enjoyable.

More than an airport

Just as Starbucks famously aspired to be our “third place” between home and the office, airports have an opportunity, and are indeed striving to, play a significant role in peoples’ lives between home and destination.

Of course, some airports have been destination brands for years. Nashville International Airport has showcased live country music in its terminal since 1988, making residents feel at home and giving travelers a taste of the city’s rich musical heritage. Since 2006, Hong Kong International Airport has boasted a nine-hole golf course created to USGA standards, a first in the country. And, since 2010, the Kuala Lumpur International Airport offers has offered travelers a tropical oasis at the center of its donut-shaped terminal, a rainforest (complete with a sculptured waterfall) called the Jungle Boardwalk.

But now, through more customer-focused use of technologies, airports are evolving into digitally enhanced destination brands—trialing new innovations and partnering with airlines and food and beverage outlets to offer travelers new levels of convenience and enjoyment while in transit.

Striking for their ambition to make an architectural statement, new airports across the globe are also setting themselves up with a focus to integrate digital technology into their physical infrastructures for the benefit of the airport, airlines, and consumers alike.

Likely to be a hit with travelers from all over, Singapore’s proposed new “Jewel” at Changi Airport aims to make a dramatic statement. Its impressive plans include glass biosphere-style structures filled with plants and a gigantic waterfall. Scheduled for completion in 2018, the massive structure at its core will be 10 stories—five above ground and five underground—integrating airport facilities, with retail and leisure outlets.

Digitally enhanced destination brands

Not only are airports striving to create more spectacular experiences aesthetically, they are also getting much more efficient and sophisticated technologically. Already, experimentation is underway with automated bag drops, biometric passport gates, facial recognition systems, airport navigation devices, real time messaging regarding flight schedules, and a plethora of potential advancements that aim to address security issues. Changi Airport’s upcoming Terminal 4, for example, will be highly automated in an effort to “redefine”  the travel experience through cutting-edge design and a more seamless process.

Giving travelers a taste of the smarter, more connected airports to come, London City Airport has recently been awarded a government grant to run an “Internet of Things” (IoT) demonstrator. The objective is to trial cross-technology networking in an effort to reduce many of the hassles associated with flying. If they succeed, missing luggage, delayed flights, and long security lines could be things of the past.

Taking a more inspirational approach, San Francisco International Airport created #converge@flySFO, a space dedicated to the exchange of ideas about technology, start-ups, the shared economy, disruption, travel, politics, and ways to change the world. Beyond creating amenities in the airport, SFO is building on the city’s reputation as the innovation capital of the world and transforming the airport’s traditional role as a transport hub. Reimagining what an airport can be, SFO has created a space of convergence, exchange, and education that engages, inspires—and encourages the kind of innovation it embodies.

Facilitators, integrators, entertainers

Technology certainly promises to make the flying experience easier, but it’s in the areas of non-flying revenues where airports may see the biggest financial opportunities. Faster processing speeds when traveling means potentially more time at the airport. And, for airports that become destinations, lingering longer won’t just be something travelers do to kill time. Those who are traveling will get there earlier or stay longer simply because it’s a fun place to be—and some, who are not traveling at all, may come just to experience all the airport has to offer. Multi-media entertainment, beacon transmitters that send messages regarding retail discounts, and virtual shopping walls that use QR codes will all be part of a seamless experience that will entice travelers to stay longer and spend more.

At its best, the airport is an integrator, where “joined up experiences” can be created through practical use of technology and direct partnerships between the airport and other brands, Here are eight examples that show how technology and smart partnerships are revolutionizing travel experiences around the world:

Heathrow + Virgin Airlines ensure passenger comfort — In 2014, Virgin Atlantic trialed wearables like Google Glass and Sony smartwatches, along with thermometer-equipped NFC beacons, in its Upper Class lounge at London Heathrow Airport. Information enabled wearables allowed staff to begin the check-in process as soon as customers arrived. Meanwhile, beacons alerted airport lounge staff about temperature changes, encouraging them to bring blankets out to passengers on the outdoor deck.

Changi + JetStar Asia streamline the boarding process — Changi Airport in Singapore recently trialed self-service kiosks and bag drops in association with airline JetStar Asia. To speed journeys, the trial allowed selected passengers to print their own boarding passes and luggage tags at a kiosk and then drop their luggage at a designated counter.

Gatwick + Regus give digital nomads a place to work Embracing the idea of the mobile workspace, London Gatwick Airport partnered with workspace provider Regus to install “workboxes” at departure areas to give digital nomads a private, self-contained, and fully-resourced space to work before boarding.

Schiphol Airport + Philips Design cast traveling in a new light — Based on passenger insights, Schiphol Airport and Philips Design worked together to integrate ambient lighting, video displays, and sound technology to create an immersive new “people-focused” experience design . Programmable lighting and animated video make the check-in and boarding process more intuitive and pleasant and also create the right atmosphere for business passengers to work.

JetBlue + Apple enable contactless payment — JetBlue is set to be the first airline to accept payment via Apple Pay for onboard purchases, including certain food and beverage products and “Even More Space” seat upgrades. Planned for the middle of 2015, passengers with an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or an Apple Watch, which will be launched in the US shortly, will be able to make use of Apple Pay, which offers secure, Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled contactless payment using an Apple device.

Content Courtesy: Interbrand

till1am – Your Arm Candy for the Night

Till 1 Am, that’s right. The Night life scene in bangalore has kicked in, the curtain has been raised for bangalore nightlife and it screams till1am. BMS INNOLABS hands you, your best friend for all you activities trailing through the night.

Till1am stand by you all night, beginning from most liked feature in our app ” Addas ” – which features the coolest hangout in the town also bordered by events which shall keep you updated on the upcoming events for you to attend as you log in to the app.

This definitely makes “till1am” the only application available to answer ” What do i do ? , Now! “.

” Chatter ” is your buddy for dig into any conversation pumped up at your location at that moment, lets you social, know and connect people instantly in your location. Also lets you learn about ” Happenings” at other locations of the city.

Yes! We have pinned the ATM’s/ Cigarette Shops also for you. Now land right into the map to see the closest ATM/Cigarette Shop open.

Wondering ” How you gonna drive back ?”, Booze on. We are at your service, you are just a tap away from calling a ” CAB “. While you are in the CAB, Read On – the most amazing life stories, who have been making it big / known for being different / you,  for really being awesome might get featured in our ” STORY OF MY LIFE “.  You will find the most happening people around you, saying the story of their lives.

“till1am ” – Yes, Keep it Going.

Download our app @ Appstore, Playstore.

For more info:

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EspeciallyU – Augmented Reality


By Definition : Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

BMS Innolabs now enhances your celebrations by adding another dimension to it. Yes! we present to you our latest product “EspeciallyU” – A Mobile App embedded with AR – Augmented Reality Technology, that delivers jaw dropping surprises to its users. EspeciallyU is the most qualified result of our Philosophy to innovate, Discover and deliver solutions to the real world through our geeky expertise. BMS Innolabs is one among of the very few companies registered & working with prime focus as innovation.

EspeciallyU – works with a QR code on the beautifully designed Gift Stickers / labels. Which shall be pasted on the gifts, envelopes to deliver the most personalized messages for all your celebrations. EspeciallyU – Mobile App is coded with some wonderful features. A user a allowed to share his personal video message for a time period of 15 seconds & also enabling him to send it across. While we hold the surprise in our cloud space.

On the receiver end, once the user scans the sticker on the gift. EspeciallyU brings them their surprise wishes, followed a beautifully designed 3D animation for occasions namely Birthdays, Anniversaries & Festivities.

We welcome you the world of Augmented Reality, for more updates & information on EspeciallyU.

EspeciallyU – How it works

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