Save My Soul

Thirty three thousand and seven not seven raped cases filed in india. That’s a massive increase of 10,000 cases since 2013. To add to the horror its close 92 rapes every day in INDIA & its capital DELHI at 4 everyday.

Urbanization leading to varied work styles & uneven distribution of basic needs in a country as huge as INDIA. Security & Values among individuals is scarce. To bring an end to a problem of this magnitude it requires total convergence of Organizations, Individuals & more importantly an effective way to tackle.

In this regard, BMS Trust initiated the project ” Save My Soul ” aiming to bring down the crime rates around us. BMS Innolabs – A integral part of BMS Trust took the challenge to deliver maximum security with the most innovative approach.

BMS Innolabs are happy to present to you its mobile app ” Save My Soul ” that ensures security for all categories of people. Ex : Men, Women & Children at all times.

Understanding the technical infrastructure of INDIA, we have built an application that doesn’t demand internet connection all the time it runs on your Andriod / iOS platforms. ” Save My Soul ” – is integrated with most well thought features to guarantee maximum security for people of all walks of life.

To ensure you are assisted at all lights of the time, we have installed a tracker that reports your current location to the list of people, you  are willing to share with.

Associating it with another wonderful feature, we have ” Help Me” button that immediately notifies your nominated list ” About your security being in trouble & you are requesting for help “, it also notifies the closest police station / Govt. Office that holds the responsibility.

” SCREAM ” –  this feature in our app, delivers High Volume Siren to broadcast your danger in any location you are in. A shortcut tab ” Call for Assistance ” will give instant access to all domestic assistance like Ambulance, Police Station & Fire Station.

We request humbly to ” Support our cause in building a secured society for all of us “.

Download ” Save My Soul ” mobile app for ANDRIOD / iOS.

For more info, Visit us at :

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