Closed Proximity Marketing – iBeacon, Wifi, Bluetooth

The ever extending boundaries of mobile network & its applications, has captured great volume of people in constant engagement. This has marked the transformation of ad-space into interesting position & we call it the “ Indoor Position “.

Marking its arrival with Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Technologies & its success in adding to data analytics system has been commendable. A lot of things can happen over the phone – right from choosing your life partner to selecting a name for your new born baby.

Market observation clearly states the traction of engagement online & its effects on available resources. Data analytics has also clearly stated the path to be taken. Indoor positioning is the latest mantra to tackle the huge population of mobile users. Closed Proximity Marketing currently runs on 3 different platforms namely Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & the latest addition to this section is Apple’s iBeacon.

Ibeacon was built in 2007 with sole purpose of defining & expanding the indoor space. With futuristic ideas embedded into the worlds most loved phone. The possibilities with ibeacon are endless. The retail sector should build on this infrastructure to develop interesting methods to cross-sell. With a infrastructure offering limitless possibilities in the engagement with users shall expand to greater horizons elevating the shopping experience among consumers. Since these applications quickly resolve the missing link with the retailers, it has been a retailer’s boon. Indoor Positioning with these techniques shall find great use cases across all sectors. They would be the most effective ways to carry out survey, recommendations & review; also deliver quality feeds into online social spectrum.

Next time, you walk into a apple store or a high-end clothing line. Don’t be surprised, if you receive “The dress you just purchased is beautiful, we suggest you check our new collection of bags up stairs “.

Or Enter Starbucks & you get a popup of menu to order from & so on….

Considering the infrastructure luxury stores behold, deployment will never be an issue.

Analytics & reporting from these campaigns support the campaigner’s logic largely. With quality insights, we hope to build a world that integrates thoughts & actions effortlessly.

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