“ONLINE” keeps you just on line.

Since the induction of the term “ Online Marketing “, the online space has been propelled to be known as the new destination for marketing and mostly tagged as “ Most Effective & Affordable Market Place “. This has led to the battle for space, which seems to turn red as times goes.

The multi-door approach for buying online space & handing the key to individuals has been a boon to plan, propagate & get a perspective of the market for everyone. The pitch by marketing co’s of online market space being the future has no doubt increased the use of online space rapidly. But very strong groups / individuals have been successful in understanding & thrusting valid data to the online space & not bulk mail them. So as the trend of using online space greys down, the most thoughtful marketing heads / co’s have stepped up the process to redefine the use of online space. With analytics coming from unlimited sources, it is essential to tighten the flow of information to this space & frame timelines & Target Group appropriately.

Ola Källenius – Youngest Board Member, Mercedes gives us a relevant text on Mercedes using the digital space, he adds “It has been a boon pool of information. Information on buyer’s data, relevant searches, Car Volume etc.” Also states “Though the digital space has been carrying the brands message across effectively, we can’t stop there & adds “One thing I want to stress, because everyone tends to talk just about the digital side, is that in the world of modern luxury it’s not all digital. It’s human touch. That’s equally important as digital—more important, in a way. Think about other luxury brands, like Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Look what they’re doing: they’re building flagship stores that are beautiful, where you actually like to just browse around before you buy. Those are emotional places. So let’s not believe that, even for younger people, this side does not count. It does. At the same time, people want seamless integration between the physical side and the digital side “.

Initiatives in the automobile segments, like Volva “We Care “, “Mercedes me” campaigns are adding great value to the brands. The interaction campaign mode has been the most effective methods to influence, showcase & increase sales. And as said earlier “A seamless integration of these two spaces, will eventually guarantee a strong branding methodology.

Hopefully, we will see large group of companies making this mixture appropriately and deliver the future we all have been waiting for.