Your biography was just SOLD

Welcome to the world of facebook

– a library that made you pin down your life story & authored it underground.

“THEFACEBOOK” started in 2004 positioned itself only for consumption at Harvard University. With use cases like find classmates, mutual friends & the never-dying idea to peek into a friend’s friend list barreled it.2004

Profile – This is You

Your effort to fill in your interests, likes & dislikes has led to massive information tanking. You were also made to dive deeper to deliver most important information about yourself. Your information matters – A LOT.


Brand Position : Social Utility

With increasing number of users the facebook now positioned itself as a social utility, thereby attracting massive users all across the globe. With a simplistic registration mechanism appreciated by millions, facebook opened it doors 360 degree.2008


The constant demand  for a space to voice opinion just found a new address. Yes! Its wall constantly demanding to know “ What’s on your mind “, Flooded content in all mediums – Text, Photographs, Videos. The social utility mode accelerated itself to be the next big information hub.


Facebook fan page:

The increasing number of users also raised a new challenge. A challenge to keep users engaged. The strategy to allow users to create groups & pages, increased the engagement quotient of facebook drastically. It lightened the online space as the most advanced & effective engagement platform.



With the increase information flow on the users wall –  monitoring & controlling information to enhance users experience, was the next big task. The newsfeed algorithm was constantly updated to result in high user engagement rate, Info to build interest etc.


Customization Matters:

New players in the social pool with maximized customization resulted in facebook adapting new methodologies to enhance user-experience with more media to upload and added features to profile.


War for traction – 2012

With increased no. of social platforms, holding back users was the biggest challenge. Integrating apps delivering better engagement through games, Quizes etc, Increased both engagement & interaction on facebook. In this medium, the app consumed most important information of your profiles leveraging & supporting the idea of Big data & analytics.

2012 - app centre

Facebook Ads:

The world’s largest & most organized society is supported by a massive tank of information. The commerce element in this social space was evident, giving way to ads on facebook sharing  insights into your interest, location & all personal info  for an advertiser, thereby establishing itself as the most advanced & effective adspace.

Whats app – The application being more portable & highly-mobile friendly resulted in decreased engagement on facebook. worrying the facebook leaders.

Upcoming Strategy:

The falling graph of engagement on facebook & traffic shift to ecommerce sites has now become the blueprint for facebook’s strategy to regain its space in social spectrum. Facebook reportedly said to better its platform for shopping sites by integrating “ Buy buttons “ or allow shopping through facebook.

Conclusion: With massive personal info tracked & online market taking a leap, we have entered into highly-targeted marketing spheres. Welcome again to the market place built by you.