Must have apps for this Valentines’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and it is an opportunity for us to truly reconnect with the real meaning of this day. It is about LOVE, sharing and giving. Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is the best time to celebrate your love for each other. Valentine’s Day is approaching and nothing says “I love you” better than a special customized gift. This time of the year, we are bombarded with all sorts of commercial pressure to go out and spend a fortune to show the true merit of our love.

With the world going digital, you can use some cool smartphone apps that are available in the market to express your love and get to know each other better. Here are some of the latest mobile apps for this Valentine’s Day:


Developed by BMS Innolabs, EspeciallyU is social app used to send personalized video greetings through stickers.  A unique code is assigned for each video which is used to record personalized 15 seconds video message.  The stickers with this unique code is sent on gift or a greeting card.  The receiver will have to scan the QR to view the message.  Augmented reality is also part of this application which brings alive the special occasion celebrated for which the sticker is sent. Get yours this Valentine’s Day and send your loved one a personalized video message with your gift to make it more special and unique.

How It Works?

  • Sender and receiver Downloads free EspeciallyU Application from the AppStore (iPhone) or Playstore (Android).
  • Sender Scans the QR code on sticker to record a personal video.
  • Sender Records the Video, Previews and uploads the same.
  • Sender Peels and sticks on the gift or card. Sends the gift.
  • Receiver receives the gift, scans the QR code on sticker to view the video and Experiences the magic of virtual reality i.e., Augmented Reality part of the app.


  • Valentine’s Day special:


If you want to surprise your loved one with a romantic verse, then this app is for you. You can send romantic verse, love SMS, songs or pictures using this app. This mobile app offers features such as love poems, love calculator, love tester, love horoscope, Valentine’s Day ringtones and more.

  • Where’s my Valentine?


This is a fun mobile game app from Disney that includes 12 love themed levels starring two alligators. You need to help them get through some challenging levels, keeping an eye out for algae, tricks and traps, and help them meet.

  • Valentine’s day photo frames:


This mobile app helps you add a bit of edge to your Valentine’s Day photos. Users can create fun postcards with multiple love themed frames and share them on social media platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Flickr and much more with just a single click.

  • Valentine’s Day Greetings HD:


This is a feature rich mobile app for sending love notes and much more to your loved one this Valentine’s Day. It includes an amazing collection of love themed wallpapers and a countdown timer until D-day. Users can also send romantic and inspirational quotes as SMSes from within the app.


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Wearables in India:

With great leaps and bounds in technology since the digital revolution, the world has become a much smaller place, but the possibilities grow by the minute. Starting out with computers that could manage only a few calculations technology has come a long way forward. Trending now is an interesting branch of technology that makes the users life more simple than it has ever been, welcome to the world of “Wearables”. This new technology can perform tasks ranging from monitoring body functions such as heart rate and calories burnt for health benefits to checking messages, taking calls and listening to your favorite tunes. Wearable technology potential has got the attention of the mobile app developers community as well.

With the world’s second largest smartphone user base in the world, over the past year, the wearable market has witnessed a quick movement in the Indian market as well. According to a Digital Consumer Tech Survey 2014, 80% of Indians were most interested in buying fitness monitors for tracking physical activity and managing their personal health followed by smart watches (76%) and Internet-enabled eyeglasses (74%).

Partnering with wearable technology devices or brands that track consumer behavior presents a huge opportunity for a wide range of brands in healthcare, food and fitness to get a better insight into their target audience. Smart wearables have the prospective feature to elevate brand engagement to new heights.Popular wearables in today’s market include,

  • Samsung Gear 2 which is an evolved smartwatch with a 1.63 inch SUPER AM OLED display and 1GHz processing power. It offers users options such as answering calls, notifications for emails and messages and much more.
  • FitBit flex is another popular wearable device that turns exercising into a games that easily works around your daily routines. It is aimed to get users fit, even without setting a single visit to the gym. With a lot of color options, Fit Bit is also very popular among the youth.
  • LawBone Up is one of the most popular fitness bands available in the market that helps the user track their sleep cycles and eat better. JawBone Up also offers a mobile app to sync with the device. This helps user gain insights, celebrate milestones and also sets challenges.
  • GoQii is a multi-functional fitness tracker that helps users shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Equipped with a touch OLED display and a 360 degree motion sensor, this device can track user’s activities and sleep quality as well. GoQii is a goal oriented fitness band that guides and pushes the user to work out.

There are only a handful wearable app development companies in India. Among the top is BMS Innolabs Software Pvt Ltd headquartered in Bangalore. With teams of well experienced designers and developers, BMS Innolabs has created some of the most engaging mobile apps, web apps and augmented reality apps that are available in the market today.

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