Essential Google Chrome Extensions for web designers:

Over the past few years Google’s Chrome browser has gained a lot of popularity among web designers. Although Firefox has been there for quite some time, the Google Chrome browser is now the preferred browser for users, web designers and web developers as well. Reasons for this includes speed of operation, customizability and a ton of extensions to make life easier. Here are some of the most essential Chrome extensions that are currently available on the Chrome Web Store for web designers.

CSS Shack:

CSS shack is a powerful chrome extension that allows users to perform a number of tasks that include creating designs and then export them as a CSS file for use on the website. CSS shack also supports layers and contains a host of other functionalities offered to the user.


iMacros is a helpful chrome extension that allows users to record their actions and save them to the hard drive. This prevents the hassles that come with repeating the same steps for testing the web pages over and over again, and all this with the click of a button.


WhatFont offers the easiest way to identify the fonts on a webpage. With this simple yet elegant extension you can inspect web fonts by just hovering on them, saving a lot of time.

Project Naptha:

Naptha helps users while working on mock-up image with embedded text. This extension also has features such as highlighting, copying, editing text from any image on the web. This handy extension also can translate the text too.

Instant Wireframe:

Instant Wireframe allows users to view live as well as local web pages with a wireframe overlay. Web designers can turn any web page into a wireframe with just a single click.

Ripple Emulator:

Ripple Emulator is a handy multi-platform environment emulator that helps users to test their web apps using a number of devices and screen resolutions. Ripple Emulator can also be used for perform debugging, Document Object Model (DOM) inspection and automated testing as well.

Perfect Pixel:

There is no point in coming up with stunning designs that does not match up when it gets coded. Perfect Pixel helps users to develop websites that are accurate representations of the designs. It ensures that the website matches the design pixel for pixel.

Evernote Web Clipper:

Evernote Web Clipper is a great tool that allows users to save all interesting content from around the web in their account. Users can save anything they see online including text, links and images to their Evernote account with a single click.

Web Developer:

Web Developer helps users add a toolbar button on their browser that contains a number of tools required during development. The tools provide options for working on cookies, CSS, Forms, Images and much more.


Stylebot provides users the options for manipulating the appearance of any site on the web using custom CSS. It is basically an editor that allows users to change font size, colours, margins and much more.

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