Mobile apps – A boon for the healthcare industry:

The pace of technological development will always outpace wide scale industry adoption, but there are a great number of benefits in implementing mobile technology in the healthcare industry. Patients have already started using online portals to access their medical records and to interact with their doctors. Mobile apps have initiated a huge sea-change in how patients interact with doctors and vice versa. Apps are now used by patients to engage with other patients in online communities as well. It empowers patients to research and find potential causes for their symptoms, all with a few clicks on their smartphones.
From the point of view of healthcare providers, the visit, diagnosis, treatment selection and condition management stages are all aspects where the patient could be more involved in the process and better updated. This opens up a whole new set of mediums for pharma and healthcare companies to interact with patients and other users. Using these mediums, the pharma and healthcare companies, through their sales representatives, patient-services teams and other teams, can monitor and influence patients, doctors and other healthcare professionals online using mobile apps. Smartphones now give doctors quick and reliable access to the patient’s medical history, saving valuable time. Medical manuals contained in digital apps instantly give doctors important treatment information that can help in accurately examining and diagnosing patients.
Doctors can monitor patients with chronic diseases round the clock and receive notifications during emergencies as well. People suffering from autoimmune, metabolic, genetic and other severe diseases follow strict precautions and guidelines. Doctors recommend them routine checkups and regular supervisions, which can be difficult at times. IOT and mobile apps come in handy to both the doctors and their patients. The concept of the connected human being given personalized care and improved diagnostics is one long foreseen by science fiction. Based on indicators, virtual healthcare is going to become a norm in the near future. Leading indicators of such norms can be seen by the developments in the early adopters of these technologies.
A pharma or a healthcare company, like any other profit making business, would want their customers to come back to them every time they need these services. Companies have to go the extra mile and provide full service support before, during and after sale of product/service. The idea is to engage the customer during the full process and keep them engaged afterwards, similar to a personalized healthcare solution provider. Social Media is another trending medium that is going to play a key role in this arena for the pharma and healthcare sector.

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