Benefits of IoT for Healthcare:

The healthcare industry is among the fastest to adopt the Internet of Things(IoT) technology. The major reason for this trend is the multiple applications that IoT has to improve quality and effectiveness of service, especially to the elderly and patients with chronic conditions. It will set the stage for customized and on-time healthcare services for all. IoT helps healthcare systems to establish better cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices.
The merging of IoT and Healthcare has opened up new life giving opportunities in the industry. There is an increase in engagement of consumers with regards to their health, demand for remote assistance, decrease in healthcare expenditure and several other aspects. With IoT, doctors can remotely track and respond allowing patients to receive care at home where they are most comfortable. World’s leading hospitals have already started leveraging health related data from IoT devices.
Healthcare is a vast Eco-system where the list of applications of IoT becomes endless. Right from personal healthcare solutions and hospital facilities to bio sensors and smart pills, the Internet of Things can be implemented to improve quality of healthcare services. With access to the patient’s real time data, unnecessary visits by doctors can be cut down, thereby significantly decreasing costs for healthcare providers. With technology such as cloud computing and access to latest data, doctors can make more informed decisions and offer evidence based treatment to patients. With IoT, patients can be monitored round the clock, which helps treat diseases before they get out of hand. Improved workflows and accurate data driven decisions greatly reduces system costs and minimizes errors.
IoT in healthcare places emphasis on the needs of the patient. Diagnosis, timely intervention and enhanced treatment results in accountable care, which is highly trusted among patients. Hospital staff can track and manage supplies efficiently thereby saving valuable time. A major expense in the healthcare industry is the management of drugs. IoT technology can help manage these expenses better. Healthcare providers can maintain and ensure critical medical equipment are ready to use at all times implementing this technology.
Although IoT is transforming the healthcare sector, like any other information gathering technology, there a number of challenges that need to be addressed. Security of data is one aspect that involves a risk factor that increases with the increase in the level of data being stored. It is of utmost importance to shield valuable and sensitive data from cyber-attacks. To sum it all up, IoT in the healthcare sector is here to stay and is expected to grow significantly in the future.

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