The potential of Amazon’s Alexa.

Amazon’s Alexa is a cloud based voice service that is available on millions of devices from Amazon and other third party device manufacturers. It is a unique and intelligent personal assistant device and can be used for playing music, preparing to- do lists, set alarms, check for traffic updates, weather forecasting and much more. It can organize and operate different electronic devices as well.
With Alexa, developers can create unique and engaging experiences for users to interact with technology they use every day. There are several tools, APIs and documentation that are readily available for developers to build custom solutions with Alexa. Businesses can create habit-forming voice experiences that keep customers coming back. Alexa has capabilities or Skills to serve different tasks and bring the convenience of hands-free voice control to any connected device for end users.
Through the Alexa Voice Service(AVS) companies can add a new intelligent interface to their products, offering customers access to a number of Alexa features. Voice control can be enabled by adding Alexa to smart home devices like smart cameras, lights, entertainment systems and more.
In November, Amazon announced the Alexa for business service that makes it easier for companies to use Alexa in the workplace. It opens up a number of opportunities for developers to build skills that help organizations and employees increase productivity. Administrative features provide organizations with the ability to manage skills, users, and devices across various departments. Users can be invited to use these skills or group of skills on their personal devices as well.
The Alexa Skills Kit(ASK) can be used by businesses to enable employees to use Alexa at their desks to quickly find information like latest sales data or inventory levels. Developers can create any number of skills for Alexa for business customers. For example, a skill to provide definitions to industry terms, a skill to provide industry specific news briefings, a skill to control video conferencing equipment and much more. With the release of Echo, the power of voice with visual display can be combined to deliver a new and innovative way for customers to interact across various voice and graphical user interfaces. The visual displays of Echo are designed to enhance the voice experience, which means that developers can complement the skill interactions with text, imagery, video, touch input and more.
Voice-enabled devices with a visual display create unique opportunities for developers to re-imagine voice innovations. By combining voice user interface (VUI) and a graphical user interface (GUI), engaging interactions can be designed to achieve enhanced customer experience. The Amazon Alexa mobile app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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