Augmented Reality for Education:

Bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, Augmented Reality changes the way we see, imagine and learn about the world around us. This technology enriches the real world with digital information and media such as 3D models and videos, overlaying in real-time and can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, PC or connected glasses.
Despite the large scale implementation of Augmented Reality in multiple industries, it is still in the initial stages in the education field. Augmented Reality technology has the potential to make classes more engaging and information more coherent. It enables students and teachers to visualize 3D models in real world, real time and at scale.
The goal of educators is to get students interested in the subject and this is where AR will come in handy. A major percentage of young adults use smartphones to access social platforms, play games and to be in connection with family and friends. Connecting reality and digital content opens up more options for teachers and students.
AR provides students with additional digital information about any subject and makes complex information easier to understand. For example, data such as a short bio of a person, fun and interesting facts, historical data about sites, appealing visual 3D models and much more, would give students a wider understanding of topics.
AR technology has the ability to render objects that are hard to imagine and turn them into 3 dimensional models, making it easier to understand abstract and complicated content. By incorporating Augmented Reality, teachers will be able to involve students in the learning process at a whole new level. Medical students can use Augmented Reality apps to learn about the anatomy and workings of the human body. Students belonging to technical faculties need practice and hands-on experience in their areas of specialty.
The continued development of great new Augmented Reality apps seems to indicate that there is going to be wide scale integration of this technology into classrooms. A great place for educators to start are premade resources that bring pages of textbooks with AR technology, to life.

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