Top Augmented Reality Glasses:

Augmented Reality Glasses are changing the way users view and interact with the world around them. Although AR devices are still in their infancy in terms of widespread use, companies dedicated to Augmented Reality are pushing the limits of current science. Also, to stay ahead of the competition, tech giants Google and Microsoft began releasing interim products.
Initially, the Google’s Glass received negative feedback, but the company persisted and soon started receiving great reviews from businesses like manufacturing and healthcare. This gave them the distinct edge in actually field testing their product in real world scenarios.
The first product from Apple Inc. was the ARKit that that consisted of tools that developers could use to create AR applications for the latest iPhones and iPads. This gave Apple an opportunity to test the technology on an existing product. The company is currently working on its stand-alone AR headset, which could be launched in early 2020. It will supposedly have its own display and run on a new chip and operating system, unlike any current generation Augmented Reality headsets that use a smartphone as the engine and screen.
While virtual reality immerses the user in a digital world, augmented reality overlays images and information on the real world. With the gain in popularity of this technology, several companies have started designing and developing their own versions of Augmented Reality headsets. AR tech will transform the way we work, play, connect and learn.
Here is a list of the top Augmented Reality headsets:
1. Google Glass: This device comes with a tiny head attached display, where you can see several covered information screens like the weather, missed calls, current events, and even turn-based navigation based on your smartphone’s GPS.
Specifications: 5MP camera with 720p video, Bluetooth, 11 b/g Wi-Fi, Storage of 12GB usable memory.
2. Microsoft Hololens: HoloLens are mixed reality smart glasses that have a field of view equivalent to a 15-inch screen. It also helps users track their head movements with help from sensors on the device.
Specifications: Battery life of about 2-3 hours of active use, 2 weeks of standby time, Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit, Automatic pupillary distance calibration, Built-in Speakers with audio 3.5 mm jack.
3. Vuzix M-100: It is based on android and comes with direct on board processing features and a camera to capture and display augmented reality. The device has a few pre-installed apps as well.
Specifications: 5MP camera, 1080p video, Bluetooth, 11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, 6 hours of battery life, 4GB internal memory, Built-in GPS.
4. ORA-1: This device has a movable screen and a built in camera to capture instant pictures and videos. Android applications can also run locally on the ORA-1 headset.
Specifications: 5MP camera, 1080p video recording, Bluetooth 4.0, 11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, 4GB internal memory, Photochromic lenses.
5. Espon Moverio BT-200: This device is great for watching HD content and also supports 3D. It runs on Android and gives users the ability to access loads of apps in the Moverio Apps Market.
Specifications: Built in camera, gyroscope, GPS, Multi-touch track pad, 8GB inner memory, 2GHz dual core processor.
6. Vuzix Wrap 310XL: This device has a widescreen 16:9 format that can play both 2D and 3D videos. The device’s level of ingenuity and performance ensures that you get picture perfect quality all the time.
Specifications: Twin high tenacity 428 x 240 LCD widescreen displays, 24 bit true color, 10 hours use from a single AA lithium battery, Video zoom mode.
7. Epson V11H423020 Moverio BT-100: It is the world’s first Android-based, see-through wearable display. This headset features a micro-projection technology and a compact Android-powered controller.
Specifications: Android-based controller, 4GB micro SD HC memory card, Lens shade, 6 hours battery life.

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