Virtual Reality for Branding:

How have brands started using Virtual Reality in their marketing strategy? Virtual Reality (VR) is a rapidly growing industry that is finding inroads into several industries. The marketing industry is one of such where teams using this technology it to increase awareness, promote engagement and enhance the customer experience.
This technology has the potential to overhaul the social media experience for consumers and marketers as well. Several Brands have already successfully incorporated VR into the strategy by creating an immersive and engaging marketing experience. For example, in the automobile industry, VR can be used to offer a unique experience to a broad audience, building anticipation for the new car.
The use of technology should seem relevant for it to be perceived as authentic by consumers. Designers and will now be able to preview designs in 3D and in real-time, before anything goes into production. Adoption of VR technology by mainstream consumers will be the key to it becoming successful and widely used as a marketing tool.
Customers are always open to new experiences, especially when they are entertaining and engaging. As this technology matures and prices come down, its applications will become more evident. As developers get accustomed to using VR as a story telling tool, there is no limit to the number of applications of VR. This makes it important to figure out how best to utilize this technology to achieve brand objectives. VR is being used in marketing to:
• Immerse users in a branded entertainment experience.
• Demonstrate product attributes, features and functionality.
• Help consumers make better informed choices.
• Add a new dimension to traditional print and video story-telling.
• Communicate the brand’s mission at point of sale.
Ever since Facebook bought Oculus Rift, VR technology has been a popular topic and is shaping the future of brand experiences. The impact of VR based marketing can be extensive because of the viral response they can generate. Since VR hasn’t seen large scale adoption yet, brands with definitive and innovative ideas can help consumers embrace this new technology and lead the way in establishing its place in marketing.

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