Everything you need to know about Android 8.0 OREO:

What makes Android’s OREO OS different from the previous versions? When the tech giant Google decided to make Android OS open source, it became very popular among third party phone makers. Since its release just under a decade ago, it has defeated several of its competitors like Symbian, blackberry, and windows to become the most used OS around the world. The latest version of Android OS is OREO named after the popular snack. Google began pushing this update on Aug 21st 2017 for certain Pixel and Nexus devices only. Here is a list of features offered with this update:
Auto-fill: With the user’s permission, this feature remembers their logins to get them into their favorite apps instantly.
Picture-in-Picture: This feature allows the user to view two apps at once. Users can use this feature by tapping the home button when a video is playing.
Notification dots: This feature allows the user to quickly see what’s new without having to open the app, and swipe to easily clear them. It works in a way similar to Apple’s 3D touch enabled pop-ups.
Emoji: Users can share their feelings with a new redesigned emoji set that includes over 60 new emoji in total.
Accessibility button: Allows user to quickly reach accessibility features from the navigation bar.
Adaptive icons: Developers will now be able to provide full bleed square icons, which the OEMs will make to ensure consistency in multiple devices. App icons come to life when the user interacts with them.
Background execution limits: This new version gives the user more control over how apps run in the background for better overall system performance.
Deep color: It allows applications to render visual content with more vibrant colors and fainter gradients.
TextView auto-sizing: Developers can now easily optimize text size on multiple screens, based on the size and characteristics of the text view.
Wi-Fi assistant: It auto connects the device to high quality wifi and also secures it with a VPN back to google.
Copy-Paste: The new OS makes the simple copy-paste function even more smart.
Settings Menu: The settings have been re-categorized in the new redesigned Settings feature.
Battery life: This new software update will deliver improved battery performance by reducing the amount of power and memory used by apps running in the background.

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