How to ensure data security on Whatsapp?

With over a billion active users, Whatsapp is undoubtedly among the most popular messaging apps in the market. This makes it a valuable target for hackers as it contains a huge database of personal information of users. Although the company has incorporated end-to-end encryption, security is a major concern among users. But is Whatsapp completely secure? Here are a few tips that can keep your whatsapp account safe:
Activate two-step verification:
By doing this, users are basically adding an extra layer of security for their accounts. This required users to create a six digit pin code and an email address to recover the pin if forgotten. In case your phone is stolen, this feature prevents others from accessing your whatsapp account. To activate this security feature, go to SETTINGS – ACCOUNT – TWO STEP VERIFICATION – ACTIVATE.
Disable cloud backup:
Currently, whatsapp creates back up of the user’s conversations on iCloud or on Google drive. Unfortunately, the backup is not encrypted, which makes it vulnerable and easier for hackers to gain access to the user’s data. To disable cloud backup, go to SETTINGS – CHATS – BACKUP. Here the user can choose the NEVER option to completely deactivate it. However, by doing this, users will no longer be able to recover their conversations.
Whatsapp Web:
Always use the official whatsapp web app to ensure that your conversations are secure. Although there are many other alternate but unofficial tools, these external versions fail to guarantee the same level of protections and security as the official app.
Beware of scams:
Users receive misleading messages that are created by cyber criminals trying to hack their account to steal private data or sell the information to third parties. The only way to prevent this from happening is to stay away from these kinds of messages, especially if they are related to whatsapp.
Inspect security codes:
Whenever users start a new conversation with a contact, a security code is created. Although whatsapp encrypts all chats by default, it is a good practice to double check the 40 digit security code, especially while sharing sensitive information like bank account details. To verify the code, tap on the contact’s name in the chat window and then tap on ENCRYPTION. Both the user and the contact must have the same code to confirm that the conversation is encrypted.
Turn on security notifications:
A new security code is generated every time the user accesses their account on a new device. Users will be able to receive notifications whenever the code has changed. To activate this feature, go to SETTINGS – ACCOUNT – SECURITY – SHOW SECURITY NOTIFICATIONS, and then flip the toggle to green.

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