Google Assistant:

Apple’s Siri was introduced with the iPhone 4S back in 2011. Since then, other tech giants like Amazon and Google launched their own apps similar to it. While Amazon’s Alexa assistant was launched in 2014 as part of the Echo home speaker, Google’s Assistant was launched in mid-2016. Google Assistant was positioned as central to almost all products that the company unveiled. This included wireless earphones, smartphones, home speakers and laptops. It offers features so far unmatched by siri. For example, Google’s Home speakers can be configured to recognize people from the sounds of their voices. Here is a list of few features offered by Google Assistant:
Unlock device: Google Assistant enables users to unlock their devices with voice command. To do this, go to Google Assistant settings and select OK Google Detection followed by Trusted Voice.
Open apps: Users can open any app with voice command, including third-party apps as well.
Image search: It helps users do a google image search more easily.
Suggestions: Google assistant provides location based suggestions to users, which includes nearby restaurants, shopping centers and much more. It also serves as a travel planner by suggesting great vacation and travel hotspots.
Entertainment: Users can enjoy their favorite movies and tv shows just by asking google assistant to start streaming.
News: Users can ask Google assistant to read the news each morning or at a time of their convenience. They will also be able to customize their news feed based on their preferences.
Sports: With google assistant, users can get scores from their favorite games on the same day or the previous day, and can also get game timings for the next day.
Weather: Google Assistant can tell users if it’ll be sunny or cold and rainy, along with the temperature. It also provides weather forecast for the time period mentioned by the user. It can provide daily subscriptions, so information the users want will be waiting for them on their device home screen each day.
Music: With a simple voice command, users can listen to their favorite tunes. There could be disruption in playback if multiple devices are authorized on the Play Music service.
Emails: The assistant will pull up the user’s emails, appointments and other information at a moment’s notice when the user needs it. Users can also dictate and send text messages to anyone in their contacts list.
Reminders: Users can setup reminders for important dates and events like anniversaries and birthdays with the google assistant.

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