How to keep data on your smartphone safe?

Most users stay logged in to their accounts on their smartphones for quick access to app services. People use it for their shopping, banking and socializing needs making the device vulnerable to hacking. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that the data on your phone is safe during unauthorized access. The security settings on smartphones can be fine-tuned by anyone, without any advanced tech skills, to setup much-needed security layers. Here are few ways to do this:
Screen Lock: The first layer of security is activating the screen lock. This is the easiest way to prevent intruders from accessing your phone’s data. Bio-metrics is one of the most secure ways to gain access to your phone. But if your smartphone does not support this feature, the most effective way is by setting up a unique password that is long enough and containing alphabets, numbers and symbols. Try avoiding using the PIN code option as it is the easiest one to breach.
Bad Apps: There have been huge innovations in the smartphone market over the past decade. With billions of apps available online, it is important to watch out for apps that infect you device with viruses and malware. To prevent this, disable the option to allow installation of third party apps and always download and install apps from official app stores only. Also make sure to keep apps updated and check the permissions granted for each app.
Phishing: It is very hard to spot a phishing page on mobile phones compared to a PC or laptop. Attackers use phishing techniques to steal your identity, withdraw money from your account and much more. Avoid clicking on suspicious links that you did not request and be careful while downloading attachments via email or instant messaging services.
Two-Factor Authentication: Activating two-factor authentication is one of the most important steps to be taken to ensure safety of data on your device. By doing this, every time your account is accessed from a new device, you will have to verify a time-sensitive and unique code received via text message.
Anti-Virus: Download and install a trustworthy antivirus to monitor and prevent viruses and malware from affecting your smartphone. Also, avoid connecting your phone to unknown computers.
Secure Connections: Always use secure wireless connections to access the internet and avoid using public wi-fi , especially while accessing sensitive data. Creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will help protect your activity by encrypting all your internet traffic and data. Activate and use Bluetooth on your device only when necessary.

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