The top iOS exclusive apps:

While Google’s android is the most used mobile operating system around the world, Apple’s iOS has a well-deserved reputation for interface design and aesthetics. With a limited number of devices and screen sizes, iOS is an easier environment for developers to work in compared to the endless list of android devices with multiple dimensions. From image editors to clever games and utility apps, her is a list of some of the most popular iOS exclusive apps.

iMovie: This free app is one of the most popular apps among iOS users. It allows users to record, edit and share creative home movies. The app offers a number of templates making it easy to add titles, captions and special effects. Although there are many video editing apps for android, none of them are as powerful as the iMovie app.

Euclidean Lands: This paid app is a geometry puzzle game where users guide a red-cloaked warrior through increasingly difficult puzzle stages. Users can move their piece either through board spaces, or manipulating the level itself by rotating entire segments.

GarageBand: It is a free app that enables users to compose anything from a symphony to a ring tone on their iPhone, iPad or Mac. Users can also plug in an electric guitar or a similar music instrument directly into their device and record into the app engine. GarageBand is a valuable free resource, especially for musicians.

Bear free: It is a flexible writing and note-taking app that is useful for jotting down quick notes, doodles, poetry and prose, and even snippets of code. A built-in markup editor supports 20 different programming languages. The Bear app also includes cross note links and tag support for easy searching. There is also a paid version of the app that includes note syncing, export options for multiple file types and additional editing tools.

Enlight: This app provides users with powerful photo-editing tools with simple controls. It also provides other editing tools like color and tone controls, and masking features for seamless effects blending. A photo mixing feature in the app allows users to overlay different images for a double exposure effect. This easy to use app is paid and well worth the premium price.

Opinion Podcasts: With a simple user interface, this free app is useful for users who want to create their own podcasts. Users can record, edit and publish to apps like Twitter, SoundCloud, G-drive, Facebook and to the iTunes podcast directory as well.

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