Best tools for designing mobile apps:

App designers have worked continuously to refine design tool kits to speed up the workflow and execute right design decisions. These tools have helped enabled designers to clearly communicate ideas and solve any technical troubles. Evaluating various extensions, plug-ins, tools and other resources have become necessary for the design cycle. Here is a list of some of the most popular mobile app design tools:

Sketch: Sketch has become a popular alternative to photoshop for designing mobile apps among designers. Unlike photoshop, Sketch is more focused on UI/UX design that offers a powerful set of features. It helps designers to create wireframes, visual design and vector logos, thereby achieving overall productivity with no wastage of time. Sketch is easy to use and offers additional features such as multi-resolution exporting and shared styles and symbols.

MockPlus: Mockplus is a powerful prototyping tool that is code-free and easy to follow. A simple drag and drop option allows designers to make interactions and preview ways to test the prototypes. Mockplus’s simplicity and efficiency is an USP for this tool. The collaboration features makes team work as time efficient as possible.

Adobe Experience Design (XD): Being the main competitor of Sketch, Adobe XD offers all the basic features like wireframing, prototyping and much more. Although the easy to use XD is still in the preview state, many app designers who have started using it are providing positive feedback.

Marvel: The Marvel tool helps users to create designs, prototypes and collaborate with other team members as well. It allows designers to synchronize their designs with other tools like Sketch, photoshop and illustrator, and cloud storage services such as dropbox and google drive. It allows designers to add animations easily without the need of an after effects expert.

UXpin: It is a wireframing and prototyping web tool that has a simple interface and many built-in features. This tool organizes the workflow by keeping all the layers of the design intact. The usability testing feature helps perform tasks, count the users and their clicks and display results to the team. This dynamic toolkit consists of several design elements for creating great designs from scratch. Additionally, the drag and drop feature helps users to build wireframes or prototypes that are compatible with multiple devices with a range of display resolutions.

Justinmind: It is a great prototyping tool that can be downloaded and used to work offline as well. This dynamic tool comes equipped with an extensive widget library that enables users to enter HTML, videos, docs, interactive maps and online/offline content in the website or application.

The tools mentioned above speeds up the design process, giving users more time for refining their designs. For world class mobile app designs and all your app development needs, send your queries to


Welcome to the world of PlanetAR:

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two new buzzwords in the world of e-learning. Augmented Reality could drastically change the way in which we inherent knowledge, especially online. The PlanetAR brand consists of several innovative products that offer an interactive experience that makes learning fun for toddlers. Our team of experts has designed the products based on the suggestions by early childhood experts and parents.

PlanetAR Animals:

Interact with animals in AR like never before. Buy the complete set of the interactive and informative Planet AR cards for kids. PlanetAR Animals cards are a collection of 9 animals.

“Planet AR – Animal” mobile app* is available for both android and iOS devices. It offers an enjoyable and educational experience for kids with captivating animations and sound effects.

Have an elephant on the palm of your hand or maybe you’d prefer a lion instead. Examine the animals up close in 3D mode. The 2D sketch will turn into a 3D moving animation which allows you to spin, turn and zoom in and out of each animal. PlanetAR Animals gives you both interesting and informative facts about animals.

PlanetAR Alphabets & Numbers:

Flashcards are no longer boring with the new Planet AR Flash Cards. Planet AR Alphabets and Numbers is an educational and interactive game for children. Pair the App with Planet AR Alphabets and numbers flashcards and watch as the numbers and alphabets spring to life. Planet AR app is available at Google Playstore and App store. It offers an easy way for little ones to learn and pronounce alphabets, numbers and fundamental vocabularies.

One set of flashcards consists of 36 Augmented Reality Flashcards. 26 Alphabets cards, 10 numbers cards, 1 instructions card, a discount coupon,

PlanetAR promotes imagination, self- learning, creativity and much more. You can get your set of PlanetAR Augmented Reality Flash Cards on Amazon. Use Promo Code: PARAND20 and get 20% discount.

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Mobile based vehicle tracking solution:

Why have a mobile based vehicle tracking?

The only other person who loves your bike more than you do is a thief. A determined thief is not deterred by common measures that you take such as using a U-lock, chain lock, or even parking in well-lit and crowded places.

The Bykehound device and mobile app is an innovative and unique security solution for your two wheeler. The Bykehound device is easy to install on your bike and is connected to your smartphone via the Bykehound mobile app. The app has a number of interesting and useful features to ensure your bike’s safety round the clock. The compact and handy device doesn’t require much effort to configure with your smartphone.

The operation of the Bykehound tracking device is so simple that even people without the technical know-how can access and use it with ease. With a robust back-end the user friendly Bykehound mobile application is available for both android and iOS devices.

List of features:

Arm/Disarm: The user friendly app allows users to activate/de-activate the bykehound device on their vehicle from anywhere.

Locate My Bike: Users can track and locate their stolen vehicle on the map on a real time basis.

Call Emergency: With a single click, users can call anyone in their primary contacts.

Follow Me: Users can allow loved ones to track their location on a real time basis.

Immobilize: Users can turn off their vehicle engines through the user friendly mobile app.

With the increase in the number of bike thefts in the country, now is the right time to invest in the Bykehound device.

Best AR apps for your smartphone:

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the categories of apps and games in Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store that has grown in popularity in recent times. Augmented reality refers to the enhancement of our real-world environment through computer-aided sensing. AR Apps use the phone’s camera or other sensors to give users more enhanced information about their environment. Companies using AR for a number of applications has become to driving force for augmented reality application development. AR is rapidly growing in popularity by merging elements of the virtual world, into our real world. Here is a list of the most popular AR apps and games.

Pokémon Go: This game combines Nintendo’s Pokémon with augmented reality technology. It sends players exploring their neighborhood on foot to discover, photograph and collect Pokémon. The user’s phone functions as a map and viewfinder, guiding them towards Poké Stops to collect various items.  Pokémon Go is a free game that is available for both android and iOS devices.

Ingress: It is a massive multiplayer augmented reality game available for both android and iOS users. This GPS based game has players joining rival secret societies to fight for control over “Exotic Matter” (XM). Players can use their devices to travel to real world locations to gather “XM” and gain control of portals around buildings and landmarks.

World Brush: This app allows users to draw and paint over real-world views using a variety of virtual brushes. The virtual painting is saved to its approximate GPS location, which allows other World Brush users nearby to view your creations. There is also an option to like, dislike and report offensive content. This app is currently available for iOS users only.

AR MeaseureKit: This app offers several handy utility functions for users. It is available for iOS users only and turns the user’s iPhone into a measuring tool. The ruler function in the free version of the app enables users to measure the length of surfaces. There is also a chaining tool for measuring more complex lengths. An in-app purchase unlocks full functionality of the app that offers tools for placing AR marker pins, measuring angles, trajectories, a person’s height, and checking whether a surface is level as well.

Fitness AR: This app allows users to visualize their running and biking routes in 3D, overlayed over the real world. They can sign in with their Strava account and select one of their recorded routes or explore the featured ones. The app also allows users to circle around and explore the map from multiple angles. This app is currently available for iOS users only.

Star Walk 2: This AR app uses the device’s sensors and location data to present an interactive view of the night sky. The app will display a matching view of constellations, planets and other celestial bodies in real time when the device is pointed skyward. While the Time Machine mode allows users to view starscapes at past or future dates, the night mode makes the app more comfortable to use in low light conditions.

Augmented Reality technology has changed the face of smartphone apps and gaming. AR adds digital images and data to amplify views of the real world, giving users more information about their environments.

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The top iOS exclusive apps:

While Google’s android is the most used mobile operating system around the world, Apple’s iOS has a well-deserved reputation for interface design and aesthetics. With a limited number of devices and screen sizes, iOS is an easier environment for developers to work in compared to the endless list of android devices with multiple dimensions. From image editors to clever games and utility apps, her is a list of some of the most popular iOS exclusive apps.

iMovie: This free app is one of the most popular apps among iOS users. It allows users to record, edit and share creative home movies. The app offers a number of templates making it easy to add titles, captions and special effects. Although there are many video editing apps for android, none of them are as powerful as the iMovie app.

Euclidean Lands: This paid app is a geometry puzzle game where users guide a red-cloaked warrior through increasingly difficult puzzle stages. Users can move their piece either through board spaces, or manipulating the level itself by rotating entire segments.

GarageBand: It is a free app that enables users to compose anything from a symphony to a ring tone on their iPhone, iPad or Mac. Users can also plug in an electric guitar or a similar music instrument directly into their device and record into the app engine. GarageBand is a valuable free resource, especially for musicians.

Bear free: It is a flexible writing and note-taking app that is useful for jotting down quick notes, doodles, poetry and prose, and even snippets of code. A built-in markup editor supports 20 different programming languages. The Bear app also includes cross note links and tag support for easy searching. There is also a paid version of the app that includes note syncing, export options for multiple file types and additional editing tools.

Enlight: This app provides users with powerful photo-editing tools with simple controls. It also provides other editing tools like color and tone controls, and masking features for seamless effects blending. A photo mixing feature in the app allows users to overlay different images for a double exposure effect. This easy to use app is paid and well worth the premium price.

Opinion Podcasts: With a simple user interface, this free app is useful for users who want to create their own podcasts. Users can record, edit and publish to apps like Twitter, SoundCloud, G-drive, Facebook and to the iTunes podcast directory as well.

Augmented Reality for Education:

Bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds, Augmented Reality changes the way we see, imagine and learn about the world around us. This technology enriches the real world with digital information and media such as 3D models and videos, overlaying in real-time and can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, PC or connected glasses.
Despite the large scale implementation of Augmented Reality in multiple industries, it is still in the initial stages in the education field. Augmented Reality technology has the potential to make classes more engaging and information more coherent. It enables students and teachers to visualize 3D models in real world, real time and at scale.
The goal of educators is to get students interested in the subject and this is where AR will come in handy. A major percentage of young adults use smartphones to access social platforms, play games and to be in connection with family and friends. Connecting reality and digital content opens up more options for teachers and students.
AR provides students with additional digital information about any subject and makes complex information easier to understand. For example, data such as a short bio of a person, fun and interesting facts, historical data about sites, appealing visual 3D models and much more, would give students a wider understanding of topics.
AR technology has the ability to render objects that are hard to imagine and turn them into 3 dimensional models, making it easier to understand abstract and complicated content. By incorporating Augmented Reality, teachers will be able to involve students in the learning process at a whole new level. Medical students can use Augmented Reality apps to learn about the anatomy and workings of the human body. Students belonging to technical faculties need practice and hands-on experience in their areas of specialty.
The continued development of great new Augmented Reality apps seems to indicate that there is going to be wide scale integration of this technology into classrooms. A great place for educators to start are premade resources that bring pages of textbooks with AR technology, to life.

Benefits of IoT for Healthcare:

The healthcare industry is among the fastest to adopt the Internet of Things(IoT) technology. The major reason for this trend is the multiple applications that IoT has to improve quality and effectiveness of service, especially to the elderly and patients with chronic conditions. It will set the stage for customized and on-time healthcare services for all. IoT helps healthcare systems to establish better cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices.
The merging of IoT and Healthcare has opened up new life giving opportunities in the industry. There is an increase in engagement of consumers with regards to their health, demand for remote assistance, decrease in healthcare expenditure and several other aspects. With IoT, doctors can remotely track and respond allowing patients to receive care at home where they are most comfortable. World’s leading hospitals have already started leveraging health related data from IoT devices.
Healthcare is a vast Eco-system where the list of applications of IoT becomes endless. Right from personal healthcare solutions and hospital facilities to bio sensors and smart pills, the Internet of Things can be implemented to improve quality of healthcare services. With access to the patient’s real time data, unnecessary visits by doctors can be cut down, thereby significantly decreasing costs for healthcare providers. With technology such as cloud computing and access to latest data, doctors can make more informed decisions and offer evidence based treatment to patients. With IoT, patients can be monitored round the clock, which helps treat diseases before they get out of hand. Improved workflows and accurate data driven decisions greatly reduces system costs and minimizes errors.
IoT in healthcare places emphasis on the needs of the patient. Diagnosis, timely intervention and enhanced treatment results in accountable care, which is highly trusted among patients. Hospital staff can track and manage supplies efficiently thereby saving valuable time. A major expense in the healthcare industry is the management of drugs. IoT technology can help manage these expenses better. Healthcare providers can maintain and ensure critical medical equipment are ready to use at all times implementing this technology.
Although IoT is transforming the healthcare sector, like any other information gathering technology, there a number of challenges that need to be addressed. Security of data is one aspect that involves a risk factor that increases with the increase in the level of data being stored. It is of utmost importance to shield valuable and sensitive data from cyber-attacks. To sum it all up, IoT in the healthcare sector is here to stay and is expected to grow significantly in the future.