Top AR apps that make learning fun:

The recent popularity of augmented reality (AR) has put a spotlight on immersive technology. Augmented reality is a trend that is worth following. As new apps and technologies that are developed make learning innovative, interesting and fun, AR is going to play a huge role in education in the coming years. This technology enriches the real world with digital information and media such as 3D models and videos, overlaying in real-time and can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, PC or connected glasses.
Here is a list of a few amazing Augmented Reality mobile apps for children:
Jigspace: Students can learn in 3D using JigSpace with interactive objects for engaging lessons. Students can jump into history, science and much more by exploring objects on classroom tables. They can virtually break apart the objects and identify specific parts or learn how each item functions.
Elements 4D: This app allows students to combine different elements to see chemistry in action. Teachers can also print out and assemble blocks that become trigger images for the AR experience. It is useful for elementary, middle, and high school students as well.
Arloon Plants: With this app, students can explore and interact with virtual plants to learn about their structure and parts. Using the trigger, students can also watch a plant grow and move in the AR experience.
Math alive: Specially designed for PreK-3 students, Math Alive uses AR software downloaded to a computer, a camera and AR cards. Teachers can place the trigger cards under a camera for students to practice counting and basic numeracy skills.
PlanetAR Animals: PlanetAR Animals gives you an amazing experience that also enables kids to click pictures with wild animals like Lion, Zebra, Elephant, Gorilla and more in life-size like never before. The flash cards also provide interesting facts about the animals making it fun and educational.
FETCH! Lunch Rush: It is an augmented reality app that teaches math skills to elementary students through the use of visualization. The app allows students to add and subtract using real-world scenarios while solving math problems.
Quiver: This app offers a set of coloring pages that make cells pop off the page and let children spin a globe in midair. Quiver also allows students to go beyond the pictures in their textbooks and interact with three-dimensional figures.
Zoo Burst: With this app, students get to interact and become a part of a story. It allows users to engage in digital storytelling by designing storybooks complete with 3-D characters. The digital storybooks can be customized using a library that contains thousands of images. Users can also add Adobe flash animations, narrations, and speech balloons to the story to make it more engaging.
PlanetAR Alphabets & Numbers: It offers a unique and entertaining way for toddlers to learn alphabets and numbers with audio. It promotes imagination, self- learning, creativity and also improves vocabulary through a fun game of learning. Pair the App with Planet AR Alphabets and numbers flashcards and watch as the numbers and alphabets spring to life. The user friendly app is now available for both Android & Apple tablets/mobile phones.
Augmented reality can elevate learning experiences and transform everyday lessons!

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